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Meet the mother and daughter team
Behind every Drapery Solutions product.
Stacy Musial and Yola Balcerzak of Drapery Solutions

About Drapery Solutions

Drapery Solutions is a full-service drapery workroom serving Phoenix and its suburbs. The mother and daughter team of Stacy Musial (the mother) and Yola Balcerzak (the daughter) started the company in 2003.

Stacy had a long career as a seamstress, getting her training as a young woman in Poland. When she moved to America, Stacy started using her dressmaking skills to make home furnishings, first for herself and later for friends and family.

Ready for a change, Stacy decided to switch to window treatments and soft goods. She started Drapery Solutions and welcomed Yola as her business partner.

These two talented ladies have spent the last 10 years designing and making elegant and functional products for clients throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the central Arizona area. They are knowledgeable, affordable and convenient.

You can trust Drapery Solutions to deliver fine European craftsmanship, elegant beauty and practical features at an affordable price. Your project needs Stacy and Yola.

Ready to talk with us about your project? Call us at (480) 342-8294 or (623) 512-0041 or use our to the trade contact form to tell us about your project.