Our Design Process

At Drapery Solutions, we collaborate with you
To capture your vision beautifully in fabric.

We Love Working With Interior Designers

Let us bring our knowledge of fabrics and product design to your client project. We work with you to deliver window treatments, pillows, bedding and other soft goods that accentuate your design and delight your client. You will love our design process.

Our Design Process

Every project and situation is different, so we adjust our design process to fit your needs. In general, here’s what it is like to work with us.

1. Consultation

Drapery Solutions design processWe start the design process by listening to you. Bring us your project notes and your vision for the completed project. We will collaborate with you until we both have the same vision for your project.

2. Design

We take what we learn about your project in the consultation and design your products in detail. We select fabrics, add details, and provide you with a complete design for your review.

3. Review

Drapery Solutions production processWe meet with you to go over our detailed designs for your products. You’ll see how carefully we listened when you review our plans. When you approve the design, we begin creating your products.

4. Measurement

Before we make a single cut or stich, we visit your client location and take detailed measurements of the space. We guarantee that our finished products will fit perfectly.

5. Production

Drapery Solutions installation processOur highly-skilled staff work with us in the workroom to turn your vision into reality. We pay attention to every detail. Our quality craftsmanship shows in every Drapery Solutions product.

6. Installation

We provide professional installation of every project. Our job isn’t finished until your client projects are fully installed and operating. We deliver convenience.

Are you an interior designer who has never worked with a drapery workroom? No problem. We’ll help you through the process and deliver products that make you look good to your client.

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