Extreme Makeover Home Edition Brings Joy

extreme_home_logo_colorDrapery Solutions takes pride in the products we create for our customers. We like to add beauty that makes people feel comfortable in their homes.

It is a great thing to have a job that you feel passionate about. My mom and I feel like that.

I can’t describe the wonderful feeling I get when idea that was born and visualized in my mind takes a form in the physical world and brings contentment and comfort to other.

Getting The Phone Call

Drapery Solutions at Extreme Makeover for the Bell Family in Tucson AZEvery now and then, an opportunity comes along where you can share your skills and help make someone’s life a little better.

Our families watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition program for years. Seeing people’s lives change overnight was exciting. We never dreamed that we would one day be part of that process.

Early in 2009,  we got a phone call asking if we would like to participate in a makeover for show. We were more than happy to help the Bell family in Tuscon, Arizona. Our entire Window Coverings Association of America (WCAA) local Phoenix chapter got involved.

Working On The Draperies

Drapery Solutions at Extreme Makeover for the Bell Family of Tucson AZWe were told the general idea of the project, but we did not know the details and had to wait to learn more. The materials, measurements, and instructions arrived at the last possible second.

We had very little time to finish the products. Fabrics, trims, hardware, and linings were coming in right and left, all donated materials for the show.

Drapery Solutions volunteered to do the kitchen window treatment. We made flat soft Roman shades with a continuous loop for the bay window.

Working Through The Night

Drapery Solutions at Extreme Makeover for the Bell Family in Tucson AZWhen the fabrication was complete, we bravely made the drive to Tucson which is about 150 miles from our workroom in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

When we arrived that evening, there were people working everywhere. In fact, it looked like an ant colony.

The amount of work that needed to be finished was surprising. We thought it would take days to finish it all, but there were only a few hours left to finish for filming the Extreme Makeover show.

While we were hanging valances, roman shade, draperies and cornice boxes, other design professionals were installing different home items and working on floors, wall, tiles and even finishing up painting the walls.

Some of us worked until morning. We installed though the night and ran into a few problems that had to be resolved by the morning. Everybody looked busy but we were all very happy.  It was the most intense experience.

The Extreme Makeover Big Reveal

Drapery Solutions at Extreme Makeover for the Bell Family of Tucson AZThe next morning, after every piece of furniture, décor and household items were in place, we waited for the Bell family to arrive.

It seemed to take forever for them to arrive. The fabricating and working on the project through the night was much more fun than just hanging around and watch filming.  We could not wait to see the family’s reactions.

At last the moment was here and the Bell family arrived. After all the introductions were complete, they saw their brand new home for the first time.

It was very rewarding to see tears in their eyes. If I had a chance, I would definitely do Extreme Makeover: Home Edition again.

About Yola Balcerzak

I run Drapery Solutions, a window treatment and soft goods workroom with my mom, Stacy Musial. I love my job. I make beautiful things that make people feel happy and comfortable in their homes.